5 Tips to Live a Healthier Life

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Our human body is of different shapes varies according to a particular person. Good nutrition is part of healthy life. A healthy mind always leads to a healthy body. Healthier life doesn’t depend only on our body, but it also depends on our inners thoughts and feelings.


There are many ways to keep your body healthy. Not only food makes us healthy, but also some of our daily habits. Some of them are as follows,

  1. Stay away from TV: Don’t watch TV more than two hours a day, it spoils your health. Watching TV more than four hours doesn’t lead a long life. It doesn’t make a sense to watch any movie or tele-serials routinely. We can improve our knowledge by watching news, discovery channel, debates etc.
  2. Observe a specific limit of sunlight: Avoiding a much of sunlight will result a good exposure and energetic needs. Sunlight is important but we should observe in a limit of range so that our body will reflect the vitamins from sunlight. When these parts are exposed to sunlight you may seem older due to the dark spots which appear.
  3. Don’t make you lonely: Loneliness leads to many diseases. Reach out to people and share your ideas with them. This makes your feel relaxed. Loneliness may even lead to many diseases especially heart diseases.
  4. Water efficiency in day-to-day life: Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. Drinking water helps to maintain a balanced diet. Because out human body 60 percent made of fluids. Without water we may get different types of diseases which couldn’t be imagined.
  5. Stay physically active and good: Keep your body and mind free from negative thoughts. Don’t get addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s the worst part which keeps you go crazy for it. Always learn to have good habits in life.



Do you have a healthy diet? The answer for this question is always “No”. In this busy world people don’t even care for their health. Each and every person in this world should think our body as worship place because we live only on our body. Only if our body is healthy we can live in this world. Here are few tips which can keep your healthy.

  1. Avoid eating junk foods. Junk foods have very low nutritious value, so disease enters into your body with no cost of pay. Stay physically active with some exercise, meditation and yoga which leads you a peaceful life. Be more flexible in life. Try to accept new challenges.
  2. Your thoughts and feelings also play an important role in leading a healthier lifestyle. Shape your mind with only good things. Throw away all the unwanted facts about life from your mind.
  3. Healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Always think positively. Only positive thoughts and good feelings can help you. Food is also one among them. Eat foods which make you good and feel comfortable. Water plays a major role in it. Without water one cannot survive, it’s the basic essential need in our day to day life.
  4. Have fun with your surrounds. Don’t be dumped. Reach out to people and share what you feel. Don’t speak ill of others. Our thoughts will mould us and it show case our activity. As the proverb says “Face is the Index of Mind” only based on our thoughts and feelings we look beautiful by nature,