Amazing Healthy Facts Of Indian

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India has a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines which are good for our health. These depend upon a particular state. It varies by region to region. We Indians prepare food rich in taste. Food gives us energy, strength and increases our immune power. Super foods are fruits, vegetables, milk products and meals packed with nutrients, fiber.


We can’t compare any type of food with Indian innovative and healthy food. Nothing is compared to them solidly. Super foods and Nutrition’s allows you to stay young and slow down your ageing process. India is rich in its tradition and customs. Even the metropolitan cities are coming out with new traditions and customs; there are people who still follow the traditional ways of our Indian culture.


India is the most amazing country not only for its culture but also for its traditional spices. Our country produces a wide variety of spices grown across the country in different places with different climatic conditions.

Vitamins and minerals in spicy food: Spices are used as the whole, grounded, roasted, fried and much more. Some spices which are of strong taste are added at the end and those with light taste are added at first varying according to their favors.

1. A coconut : Coconut acts as a mainstay for half of the planet. It is also considered as super food. We can use coconut with the variety of dishes. Coconut oil can be prepared using coconuts which contain 0 percent of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. Heart diseases are not related to coconut oil as some people say. Coconut oil is exotic food healthy. It helps you to burn fat. It can help you kill harmful microorganisms. Coconut oil reduces your hunger, helping you to eat less. Applying coconut oil to your hair is good for nourishment.

2. Blast chilly which helps your brain development: Chilly pepper also known as chilly is another familiar species used in our day-to-day life. They are used as fresh or as dried. Dried chilies can be made as powders for long time use. Chilies are mainly used in curry dishes and in cuisines for better taste. They are used even in pepper sprays for irritation.

3. Turmeric as an antibiotic element: Turmeric contains bioactive components which are rich in medical values. It’s yellow in color. We Indians are using turmeric for more than thousand years. It’s a medical herb. Turmeric is used for curing would. You can lower the risk of brain disease and improves our memory using turmeric.

4. Curry leaves as herb leaves: Curry leaves are natural flavoring agent which are healthy, tasty and gives aroma to food. They are used for cooking and also for snake bite. Curry leaves can be dried and fried rich in calcium and are used for many herbal products. Coriander leaves also used for some herbal products is used in the treatment of skin inflammation, mouth ulcers and in the treatment of small pox.

5. Cumin helps for the digestion: Cumin is a flowering plant and some use them as an ingredient in the making of chili powder. They are used in the digestion process. Cumin is a good source of energy. Eating of a teaspoon of cumin keeps you away from many diseases. Black pepper is a spice that has many benefits which couldn’t be imagined by us. Pepper is originally from South India.

6. Pepper powder is used in the prevention of cancer: It relieves from cold and cough, enables weight loss, and improves unwanted skin wrinkles. Pepper can be made into powder and can be used for cooking. Mint also is a spice which has several benefits. It plays an important role as the mouth freshener and in digestion. Cinnamon treats you in diabetes and it reduces blood pressure.

7. Fenugreek acts as the medicine: Fenugreek is one of the main ingredients of black pepper. Cardamom, clove and cassia bark is an interesting spice also known as Chinese cardamom. Mustard seed is in different colors like yellow, black, brown can be used interchangeably in Indian dishes. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world actually more valuable. It comes from Kashmir, Spain, Iran and it is dark red in color.


India foods are food, spicy and some may think it’s not good for health. Indian foods are delicious and even they are healthy. An Indian traditional food almost uses fresh ingredients and involves many dishes. They include carbohydrates, protein, fats and fibers. Yoghurts are often used in Indian dishes to keep our digestive tract healthy.

Indian is noted for their spices. There are also a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. A greater pleasure of our Indian diet is fruits which are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. Healthy facts about Indian are very amazing because they are always unique in nature.