How to Avoid Negative Thoughts ?

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We all live in a hectic world, surrounded by people, workload and pressure. Sometimes the pressure to complete a work within a stipulated time period keeps bothering us. And, getting that thing out of mind isn’t easy either. It is quite hard to get the negative thoughts out of our mind. Repeated rehashing of negative thoughts in our mind can be very counterproductive and unpleasant for us. In some cases, it might also lead to chronic depression.

However, there are some steps using which we can control thinking about all the negative thoughts and focus more on the positive things of our life. What basically we need is some healthy dose of will power and a little bit of distraction.

  1. Go shopping in your mind

Start visualizing yourself in the grocery store and picking up items you want. Picture yourself ordering items from one shelf in the store. Don’t go for food shopping, instead think about something else. You can try concentrating on books in the bookshelf, or ordering songs in a playlist or an album, for example. You don’t have to do it every day, maybe 30 seconds or a minute is enough. The key is to be disciplined about it and do at times when you feel negative thoughts coming across your mind. You can train your brain to take a different route every time such thoughts come up.

  1. Meditate or do yoga

    Attending yoga classes is one of the therapeutic activities where your mind stays relaxed and calm. Regular yoga classes can have great effect on the body. It can take your focus away from thoughts and keep you attentive to your body and breathing process. Yoga is quite relaxing and helps to ease the mind. Instead of jumping to what could happen in the future, yoga can keep you grounded in the present moment, i.e. now – the only and most important moment.
  1. Smile

A smile is one of the best activities to relax oneself. It can change your mood and relieve the stress. The more you smile, the more lighter you are going to feel. Keep smiling, because it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

  1. Make your surrounding crowded with positive people

Having a constructive friend is always better than piles of books. When you are stuck with negative thoughts, try to talk with people who can help you in putting things in perspective and won’t let you feed your negative thoughts. With so many positive things to focus on, you can surely avoid thoughts that hinder you.

  1. Help someone

Keep your focus away from you. Try doing something nice for another person. Take a tray of food, and feed dogs or donate it into the Salvation Army. Just take your mind off things that bother you, and go forward, help someone. You are going to feel better.

Modify the Nature of your thoughts from Negative to Positive

Change your negative thoughts into positive. Let’s say, instead of thinking- “you are going to have a difficult time in adjusting to your present situation”, try thinking, “challenges are going to come in every situation, but you will stand up and come up with solutions to solve it and make yourself happy.”