Easy Steps To Motivate Your Life

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What is Motivation?

When we ask you what motivation is, the answer generally we get is “Strength”, “Positivity”, and “Belief”, “Optimism” etc. Actually, Motivation is the combination of all the above.

Stephen P. Robbins has said, “Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of efforts toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort ability to satisfy some individual need”.

“A process of motivation physically or psychologically derived that needs a main activity in behaviour and to attain the goal” said by Fred Luthans has

In short, motivation is the drive that keeps us going towards a particular goal.

We all would have heard the famous saying that we can only take a horse to the pond, but we cannot make it drink the water! That’s where the concept of self-motivation is applied. Unless the horse really wants to drink the water, it will not drink.

Self-motivation is the most important and difficult feeling to achieve. But once one realizes the importance of being self-motivated, no one can beat him! One must clearly understand that he has to push himself towards his goal because no one else cans actually going to do it for him.

You will find numerous books that talk about getting you motivated. Some offer paid seminars and workshops on “How to stay motivated”. While some offer all such events absolutely free of cost. In fact, Motivation is an important topic in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management in MBA programs. But do they really work, that’s the BIG question here. As already quoted, motivation is the drive that keeps you going. So unless one is really determined to do something, he cannot do it. The force that brings that feeling in you is motivation! So let’s just clear our heads of all the clutter and negativity, and pay undivided attention to what we are trying to say.

There are numerous ways to get motivated in life. We shall go through some of them as we move on.

  1. The End Benefit:

    “What is in it for me?” This is one of the best ways to get motivated, and stay motivated. It can be a monetary benefit, or a material benefit, or a sense of self-actualization, or just a feeling of having accomplished something!

  1. Measurable and Tangible Goals:

    Who will not accept that when you see something getting shape before you when you have started from scratch, it gives you a great feeling! It is more like seeing your baby grow! When you make measurable goals, like losing 2kgs a week and achieve them you get even more motivated.

  1. Short- Term Goals:

    There are people who believe that once a larger goal is achieved, there is nothing more left to feel good about! So if you just divide your ultimate goal into short-term goals and keep achieving them one by one, your motivation keeps going. That spark never fades.

  1. Pat Yourself:

    Well you heard it right! Got the desired rating in previous year performance appraisal? Go get yourself the dress you wanted to buy for the previous 6 months! Lost the expected weight? Go treat yourself with a small chocolate ice-cream.

  1. Enjoyment:

Have you ever noticed that when you start enjoying what you do, you start loving it too! So accept, involve and enjoy. That’s the key to happiness and motivation. 

  1. Seek Motivation in People:

Sometimes no money or reward can ever meet the joy of being able to match the achievements of your idol, isn’t it? Wanted to become an IPS officer like Mrs Kiran Bedi, and you have cleared the exam? What more do you need girl? 

  1. Accept, and Move On:

 One must understand the very basic fact that it is good to take control of things you can change, at the same time it is also acceptable to stop worrying about things that are beyond your scope. Don’t let such things take control on your peace and serenity. 

  1. Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Negativity is the worst disease; it instantly infects anyone who nears it. Be with people with a positive energy and see yourself change. Such energies pull out the negativity from you and let u stay happy and motivated. 

  1. Seek Positivity Within:

    Sometimes it’s not the people outside; it is your own subconscious mind that hinders your own growth. The unknown fears, ghosts of the past, or just the fear of failure are enough to kill your zeal. Just let them out! They don’t exist; they are just the products of your imagination.


Hope the above tips helped you to stay motivated and positive in life. All said and done if you deserve something you have all the rights to desire it and achieve it!