Healthy Facts about your Favorite INDIAN FOOD

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Food is more than just a word. Everyone loves food. We can talk about it for hours without any boredom. Before it was turned into an art, Indian food was all about parathas, doshas, sarso ki saag and spicy curry. Indian food has always enjoyed a rich heritage in the culinary culture of the world. However, there are some healthy facts about some of our favorite Indian food that many of us are unaware of.

  1. RICE 

Rice is a principal food in India. Nearly everybody cherishes eating rice and is likewise thought to be a solid Indian food as it contains a high amount of energy. Brown rice is significantly more advantageous as it has less measure of energy when contrasted with white rice. Consisting of good amount of energy source and fiber, 200 grams of white rice would approx. contain 420 calories.


Do you know Gulab Jamun is way older than a few of our existing monuments. Yes, you read that right! The deep fried dough balls, dipped in sugary syrup were first made in the Mediterranean region, before they came up to India. Since the balls are made using milk, it is very rich in calcium, and single consumption of Gulab Jamun in a day can provide us our required daily calcium value.


Ragi mudde is a wholesome meal in some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is very good for bones. One of the health benefits of ragi ball or mudde is it helps in making your bones strong. It has a good amount of vitamin D and calcium, the key nutrition elements required for children and aged.


Indian curry is abundantly adored far and wide and it is generally a direct result of the solid flavors it contains. Since it has a decent measure of oil, people regularly abstain eating it. If you like spices, add a good amount of healthy oil, this healthy food is going to give your taste bud a ride for sure. The Indian curry’s base is essential. You can also supplant the cream with yogurt, or common coconut milk and utilize a sound cooking strategy for it and you are ready.

  1. PANEER 

Paneer or Cottage cheese is prepared from curdling of milk. The amount of fat in paneer relies upon whether it is prepared from full cream or toned milk. With rich in protein, consuming paneer helps our body easily digest. Its higher calcium nutrient also helps in building strong bones and teeth. It also helps to reduce weight.


The chapatis or Roti is a staple food in North India. Prepared from wheat flour, this healthy food is very high in energy. Roti consists of a rich source of carbohydrate and contains around 60 calories. Chapatis act as one of the best foods to add to a weight loss diet.


Lentil is an eatable pulse. It is a thick plant of the legume family grown for the lens shaped seeds. Rich in protein, lentils offers about 30% of their calories. Some of the proteins found in lentils include the crucial amino acids isoleucine and lysine. They also comprise of vitamin B1, folate, dietary fiber, and minerals such as iron. Some of the health benefits of consuming lentils are it regulates our blood cholesterol level and blood sugar levels in our body.

  1. CURD 

Curd is prepared from skimmed fermented milk. Eating curd is very healthy, as it contains a good percentage of calcium and good bacteria. This helps our body to heal easily and keeps our digestive system healthy.