How To Lose Weight Naturally ?

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How To Lose Weight Naturally


Physical appearance is the first thing that everyone notices when they see us first. Agree or don’t agree, but the first impression is the best impression. Who doesn’t want a healthy and slim body?

What is wrong in being Obese?


Many people think being a “Plus Size” person is “cooling”, but actually, that’s not cool at all. Obesity is not only spoils the looks, but also is the root cause of many diseases like Diabetes, Cardiac disorders, Hormonal imbalances, etc.

Just imagine yourself walking carrying a baggage of 25Kgs. Difficult, isn’t it? So you can very well imagine how difficult it is to live with so much of extra weight inside you!

Remedies Available in Market


You must have come across many advertisements on TV and other media like print media or internet which claim to reduce 10 Kgs in a month or so. There are weight loss pills, crash diet courses or cosmetic treatments available in the market, which may or may not work. But they are sure to hurt your pockets!

On an average, weight loss pills cost around 3 to 4 thousand rupees per month, and the cosmetic treatments cost 10-15 thousand rupees per month. That’s definitely not affordable to all.

So it is always better to go for natural or home based remedies for weight loss. Apart from the “remedies”, there are many other ways to get rid of the extra pounds from your precious body. Shall we proceed further to read about them? Here we go!

Natural Ways to Lose Weight:

As already mentioned, there are numerous natural ways to lose weight at home. This includes diet or exercise or yoga asanas. We shall discuss them one by one as we proceed through the article.

  1. Simple Changes in Diet: 

More Proteins and low carbohydrates is the main key to weight loss. You can replace you high fat milk paneer with Tofu or replace your rice with millets and whole grains! Boiled eggs for breakfast is the best option if you want to control weight gain. 

  1. Go Green: 

Adding more of natural foods to the diet and avoiding processed food is another simple way of keeping fats aside and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Instead of eating processed cheese you can eat home-made paneer or curd. Or buying potato chips outside, prepare some fruit salad at home and munch on them! They are anyways piled up with harmful sugars and fats, and let’s not forget chemical processes involved. 

  1. So Sweet, Really? 

You can still eat the desired amount of sweets, but avoid sugar. You can instead use jaggery or palm sugar (or brown sugar) to avoid the harmful effects of white sugar. This way you can satisfy your taste buds also, while still keeping weight gain at bay! 

  1. Play Time: 

Engage yourself in some physical activity. You can take part in some sports club or Zumba classes or Yoga or exercises. A brisk walk in the morning and evening is not only refreshing but also a healthier option to check weight gain. 

  1. Stock up Healthier Snacks: 

Instead of piling up chips and fried snacks at home, replace them with a lot of fruits and baked snacks. The fear of wasting food is a big motivation. Instead of ice cream, mix up some fruits in yogurt and enjoy! 

  1. Simple Lifestyle Changes : 

Simple changes in life like using stairs instead of elevators, walking to the purchase some groceries or milk, avoiding junk foods etc. help a lot in losing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. 

  1. Stay Calm: 

Stress is one of the most common and dangerous things affecting the youth of today. Stress results in various other problems like hormonal imbalances, cardiac issues, bad eating habits, and lesser sleep. All this in turn makes you gain weight. Stay calm and relaxed, whatever be the situation. 

  1. Water: 

Water is your best friend if you are determined to lose weight. It is believed that for every 20 kilograms of weight a person should drink 1 litre of water. Water also helps in washing off the harmful toxins from the body, thus making you healthier. So just grab on to a water bottle and start drinking as much as you can! 

  1. Fasting: 

Fasting intermittently, after a sufficient gap is a very good remedy for losing weight and also to maintain a healthy weight.  There are a few different ways to do intermittent fasting, including the 5:2 diets, the 16:8 methods and the eat-stop-eat method.


Apart from the above-mentioned ways to lose weight, the most important way that leads to weight loss is the inner drive. Until and unless YOU are determined to do it, no one else can help you!